Know how to fix “exchange mailbox store error c104173c” completely

Exchange server stores a number of important documents such as mails, appointments, contacts, notes, tasks etc. in the form of edb files having .edb extension. But like any other data files, edb files also faces up the corruption issues after which you are unable to access the data contained within it. You as being an administrator are received with an error message such as Error c104173c and related ones. In that situation, to again access your significant data, you can make use of an updated backup or go for Exchange database repair.

To demonstrate this example, consider a situation where while trying to mount the mailbox store in Exchange System Manager, you get an error message similar to this one:

"Unable to Mount the Mailbox Store with error c104173c The Information Store is Busy"


In exchange server, there are 4 different types of database files named as Pub1.edb, Priv1.edb, Pub1.stm and Priv1.stm. The above error indicates corruption issues existing in either (Priv1.edb or Pub1.edb) or in both files.


To make a resolution to the exchange mailbox store error c104173c, you can go through the following steps:

To determine the consistency of database, run eseutil/mh command.

The next step depends on the output. In case the output is “Clean shutdown” then transfer all the database log files to another location. But if the output is “Dirty Shutdown”, precede soft recovery process by making use of eseutil/r command

If database is inconsistent, use eseutil/p command so as to perform hard repair.

But the limitation with this command is that after using it, you may face data loss situations. So, it’s better to perform Exchange database repair with Stellar Phoenix edb recovery software that will resolve the error c104173c completely and restores back your important documents in minimal amount of time.