‘ESE 447 database corruption’ error: How to fix it

In MS Exchange server, storage group acts as a logical container and is responsible for storage of databases as well as transaction log files. But at times, while accessing exchange storage group you may receive errors such as ese 447 database corruption along with Event id 447. After this, when you create a new storage group and transfer your mailboxes to the same, they get inaccessible and again you are received with the same error message. In such situations, the need arises for edb repair.

Consider a situation where while trying to start exchange storage group, you get the following error message on the screen:

“ESE 447 Database corruption”


The ese 447 error indicates logical corruption in the Exchange server database which can be due to a number of reasons such as:

  • Due to problematic hard drive controller of Exchange server
  • When the database log files have been deleted inappropriately
  • When the incorrect or irrelevant log files were replayed at the time of restoring database
  • The disk caching had not commended transactions to hard drive due to which Exchange Server had crashed


As per the event id 447 cause i.e. exchange server logical corruption you need to restore the database with the help of an updated and valid backup after which you database returns in consistent and usable state. But in case of inavailability of backup, the best possible option is to go for Edb recovery software which is highly capable to perform quick and complete edb repair and recovery process regardless of the corruption reasons. You have to follow only few simple steps and you are ready to access the Exchange server database.