Getting Exchange error 0x8004011B: What to do

MS Exchange server acts as messaging as well as collaboration server to store mails, messages and other important information. But in cases of abnormal system shutdown or sudden power failure, transaction log files are used for reconstruction of data. There are certain situations where the database gets corrupt and lead to errors like Exchange error 0x8004011B and then you need to use edb repair tool.

Assume a situation where Outlook connected to Microsoft Exchange server 2003 is being used and when the task of sending or receiving of mails are performed, the following error message is displayed:

"Task 'Microsoft Exchange Server' reported error (0x8004011B)"


  1. When the anti-virus program or firewall enabled on your system does not allow Outlook to make a connection with Exchange server
  2. In case if the user's outlook profile is corrupt
  3. If Outlook 2003 application is installed on Exchange server 2003/domain controller
  4. Another reason can be the corruption of Exchange server database


To fix Microsoft exchange server reported error 0x8004011b, try out the following solutions:

  1. At first, disable the working of anti-virus program on client as well as server side. Along with this, you must also check whether anti-virus program supports Exchange and Outlook 2003 or not
  2. You must change the security settings options like 'log on network security' to 'Kerberos' in case Outlook 2003 is installed on Exchange server 2003/domain controller
  3. In case of outlook profile corruption, delete the old one and create a new to get rid of Exchange error 0x8004011B
  4. If the Exchange database is corrupt, then first check its consistency using CheckDB command and then use Eseutil inbuilt repair utility to fix up the related corruption issues. But when it fails, then you must use Microsoft Exchange server edb repair tool which meet all your needs regarding edb file corruption by involving only few steps.