Get an effective solution to fix Exchange Server Error 550

Exchange server stores user’s information in the form of database files having .edb extension and database logs with .log extension. But if due to any circumstances such as abnormal shutdown or hardware failure the whole transaction logs stream information is not stored in the database files securely. After this, you are unable to mount the database and when trying to access data, you get the following error message on the screen:

“Error -550 (Jet_errDatabaseDirtyShutDown)”


The above error message occurs when MS Exchange server goes in inconsistent state. Generally, it does not indicate about the corruption of exchange server database but signifies you that database files were not properly detached from the transaction log stream. At times, dirty shutdown can also result to database corruption. But to make a resolution to the error 550 occurred above; you need to recover the database.


There can be two methods to recover Exchange server database either by backup or by using Eseutil command.

Make use of an updated backup file: In case, you have an updated backup of the database then try to restore the storage group and log files from the backup and after that try to mount the database.

Use Eseutil command: Other than backup, you can recover the database by repairing it by the help of these steps:

  • Run Eseutil /p command from Exchange Server’s Bin folder and remove log and chk files
  • After that, by making use of Eseutil /d command defragment and rebuild the database
  • Execute Isinteg –s exchange_server_name –fix –test alltests and then try to mount the database

But of none of the above solutions work, then the best way you can go for is to use edb recovery software which can be served as the efficient solution to recover entourage server database and thus resolves Microsoft Exchange Server Error 550 completely.