Overcome Information Store Corruption When ISINTEG and EDBUTIL processes fails

Exchange server is a very useful application which helps you efficiently manage email and messaging system. However, sometimes it happens that Exchange server users faces problems in accessing their database. Corruption of Information Store is a severe condition which may render your critical data as inaccessible. Such situations results in loss of your precious data. For repairing small problems with ebb files, one can take the help of ISINTEG and EDBUTIL processes. You can also restore your critical data with the help of an updated backup. However, in the absence of a backup, you will have to go for a efficient edb repair tool when ISINTEG and EDBUTIL processes fails.


Due to corruption of Exchange server database you will face lots of problems like the utilization percentage of information store becomes quite high to atmost 70 %. And currently logged on users will see that their system fails to respond properly. In such cases if you will use ISINTEG tool for repairing the corrupted exchange server, you will see that the process stops in mid way.

You will see that the complete EDB database gets inaccessible and for gaining access to the files, you will have to point out the actual reason of this abrupt behavior. Such problems generally occurs if internal pages of exchange server table are corrupted, which could be a result of virus infections, application malfunctioning, file read error or other similar reasons.

How to fix Information Store Corruption When ISINTEG and EDBUTIL processes fails?

For sorting out this problem when ISINTEG and EDBUTIL processes fails to do its task, you will have to restore edb database by using your current backup. For doing this click on start button, and then go to programs-accessories-system tools-backup. Click on restore button and choose the objects which you want to restore. In the restore files dialog box, choose the option which you want.

After all this, click on start restore button. In the absence of a valid backup, you will have to go for commercial Edb Recovery Software which will easily extract all your inaccessible data from database. It allows you to efficiently scan the edb database and recover data from it. Apart from all these, there is no need of any strong technical knowledge for using the software and so you can easily manage your edb database even if ISINTEG and EDBUTIL processes fails.