Operation terminated with error 1206 in Exchange: Now What

In MS Exchange Server, Private Information Store acts as a storage space for all the data but may get corrupt due to reasons like malware attack, unexpected server shutdown, human errors or log file corruption etc after which you get a number of error messages on the screen such as Operation terminated with error 1206 leading to complete inaccessibility. In such cases, the best is to opt for edb repair tool.

Demonstrating the example, consider a practical situation where you are trying to defrag Information Store but in the middle of the process, error message indicating 'an invalid checksum' is encountered. But when eseutil /k priv1.edb utility is used, following errors are received:

“ERROR: page 1004909 checksum failed ( 0x2f906db8 / 0xb0259cd4 )
ERROR: page 1004925 checksum failed ( 0xe2028fbd / 0x4bfa488c )
ERROR: page 1004910 returned page 1337544633
ERROR: page 1004926 returned page 870534172
ERROR: page 1004910 checksum failed ( 0xa0d54f36 / 0x66c8980e )
ERROR: page 1004926 checksum failed ( 0x35d1f641 / 0x8f9622cc ) ...
1005074 pages seen
1001748 bad checksums
3324 uninitialized pages
1001748 wrong page numbers
62818 reads performed
3926 MB read
195 seconds taken
20 MB/second
197970362 milliseconds used
3151 milliseconds per read
54141 milliseconds for the slowest read
31 milliseconds for the fastest read
File: e:\exchsrvr\mdbdata\first storage group\priv1.STM
Checksum Status (% complete)
0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100
0 pages seen
0 bad checksums
0 uninitialized pages
Operation terminated with error -1206 (JET_errDatabaseCorrupted, Non
database file or corrupted db) after 196.109 seconds.”


Operation terminated with error 1206 JET_errDatabaseCorrupted Nondatabase file occurs mainly because of edb or Private information store (Priv.edb) file corruption.


To fix invalid checksum error in Exchange, you need to fix up the corruption issues for which you can make use of ESEUTIL/D utility in order to easily defrag the Information Store. But this utility does not prove to be useful in the cases of severe corruption issues. So, instead of ESEUTIL/D utility you can opt for edb repair tool to resolve up the edb or Private information store (Priv.edb) file corruption problems completely.