Operation terminated with error -1526: How to fix it

In MS Exchange Server, the database engine is responsible for the data storage as well as overall management. It also splits the large columns into several smaller partitions and for this Long values (LV) are built up. Each of the LVS are has a unique ID and a specific header known as LVROOT containing reference count, length etc. and are stored in different B-tree of the associated table. But at times, LVROOT gets overwritten which can lead to its corruption and error exchange server like Operation terminated with error -1526. This may further direct you to database corruption and stops Information Store to work.

Let’s consider a situation where you are trying to accomplish the task of offline defragmentation of Exchange server database, but the following error message appears on the screen:

“Operation terminated with error -1526 (JET_errLVCorrupted, Corruption encountered in long-value tree) after seconds”

After getting this error, when you try to run eseutil /g command in order to check the database integrity you find that the database is corrupt.


The main reason for JET_errLVCorrupted problem in Exchange Server is the LV tree corruption.


To resolve Operation terminated with error -1526, try out the following steps:/p>

  1. First of all, run eseutil /g command along with /v and /x parameters to know whether the cause behind the JET_errLVCorrupted problem in Exchange Server is error, orphaned or corrupted LVs.
  2. In case of corrupted LVs, make use of eseutil/p command to repair them but before that don’t forget to backup all the data
  3. If the LVs are corrupted as well as orphaned then use eseutil/d command, for database defragmentation after repair

Apart from eseutil command, you can use corrupted edb repair tool that is considered as the safe and best option for exchange database repair and also has the capability to restore them to specified location.